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You must have 600 Muzan Blood to obtain it for demons. Defeat every trainer (apart from Mist and the breathing styles after it) to earn 600 Muzan Blood, as contributions are no longer accepted after 500 Muzan Blood. Each time a trainer is defeated, 20 Muzan Blood are awarded.

You must visit the Demon Slayer HQ and donate 10,000 in order to receive STW as a demon slayer. You can notice a transparent key on a table to the left of the red key for Red Nichirin once you get there. When you click the key, a prompt will appear asking:

A key labeled “Transparent Key” will be added to your inventory if you respond “yes.” You will be transported to the Infinity Fortress with the Upper Moon 3, Akaza, if you click while holding the key in your possession and comply with the prompt. You will obtain the “See Through World” Ability if you succeed in defeating Akaza.

Just a quick tip: start blocking, use a move like rice spirit or flowing dance, finish blocking, use a move like water wheel or thunderclap to gain space from akaza, then run, rinse, and repeat.


No, all you need to do is obtain the key and have Akaza killed. Although it is theoretically feasible to defeat the boss as a Mizunoto with no stats, doing so is advised because of how challenging the boss battle is.

It is 100% certain that you will receive STW if you kill Akaza; it is not RNG based.

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How does wisteria acquire a demon mark?

First, maximize your spar experience; you’ll need Kinoe to raise the cap. If you have thunder, you should engage in combat after gaining sixfold because it can be abused.

Kill demon NPCs in phase 2 until you obtain a rusted key. When you receive one, your player will comment, and you can then view it in your inventory. Although the actual chance is unknown, it is generally accepted to be 1/10.

Step 3: Click while the rusted key is highlighted in your hotbar, then confirm the prompt that appears. This will transport you to a sizable cave where the Boss Demon is located. You can’t leave this space since it is closed off. Kill the demon boss.

Step 4: Kill any person or NPC, regardless of race, after being teleported back to the real world. Your character will say “I feel stronger… (Press Y)” if you kill the player or npc. Your slayer mark will become active when you press Y, and you will always have it.

Where can I find crimson Nichirin wisteria?

Red/Crimson Slayers have a specific ability called Nichirin that increases damage, particularly against demons.

At the HQ, a key is located on a table. It is adjacent to the “See Through World” key and is crimson with some red particles. A prompt asking “Do you wish to buy??? for 1k Contribution” would appear if you click it while having 1000 Contribution.

If you respond positively, a “Infinity Key” key will be added to your inventory. To hold it out, place it in your hotbar. Then, click to bring up the Use prompt. Accept the prompt to teleport to an Upper Moon 2 bossfight against Douma.


When you press T after the boss has been defeated and it says, “My Blade.. Press T,” you will receive your Red/Crimson Nichirin.

The Demon Slayer Mark cannot be combined with the Red/Crimson Nichirin, which increases your overall damage by 50% (for a total of 1.5x damage). The Red/Crimson Nichirin has a 1 minute active time and a 2 minute cooldown. When your character is killed or reset, this cooldown is likewise reset.

When a demon is struck by the Red/Crimson Nichirin, demon regeneration is reduced by 75% for a brief period of time.

With a companion, Douma cannot be defeated. When you and your friend utilize the key, two “Doumas” will emerge and begin to battle each other.

For Kamado members, who receive it for free, activating this unlocks a special move known as Hinokami Kagura, also known as Breath of the Sun.

How does Wisteria’s ultimate selection process work?

Application is done outside while the final selection takes place in its own area of the map behind an invisible wall. Follow the path to the right after leaving the spawn village, then ascend a passageway surrounded by shimmering Wisteria trees.

Is Tanjiro the ruler of demons?

Tanjiro becomes the next Demon King at the manga series’ conclusion after Muzan transfers his soul into Tanjiro’s body. However, things become interesting when Tanjiro battles Muzan for control of his own body with the aid of Tamayo’s medications and Nezuko’s calling. Tanjiro ultimately triumphs over Muzan and seizes control of his body. He has returned to being a human after winning.

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What function does rusty key serve in wisteria?

The Boss Demon is fought using the Rusty Key, and each one you kill will grant you one try toward the Demon Slayer Mark.

How do demons react to wisteria?

  • The name “Fujikasane,” which means “wrapped in wisteria,” comes from the fact that wisteria is utilized to keep the demons imprisoned on Mount Fujikasane during the Final Selection[3].
  • The ranks of the corps members are inscribed on the back of their hands using Wisteria after the Final Selection.
  • [4]
  • Wisteria may be utilized to make poisons that can immobilize Lower Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki and paralyze common Demons. These poisons have been demonstrated to have the power to dissolve nearly any demon in sufficient concentrations, denying the ability of certain demons to regenerate, as demonstrated by Shinobu Kocho. [5]
  • Shinobu was able to alter her own physique by using Wisteria Flower Poison with the aid of Tamayo and Yushiro. As part of her defense against Doma, Shinobu voluntarily changed her own physiology so that every cell of her flesh was covered in wisteria poison[6], transforming her body into a covert human poison capsule that, given enough time, would slowly eat away at the bodies of even the highest Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki. She claimed that her whole size and weight made her equivalent to 37 kilograms of poison, or over 700 times[7] more than what would be required to kill an average demon.
  • Shinobu uses wisteria to make a drug that will transform a Demon back into a human.
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Did Tanjiro’s blade glow red?

If this headline confuses you, you almost probably haven’t read the manga and don’t understand spoilers.

Tanjiro’s black Nichirin blade turned red when he performed the Sun Breathing technique during his fight with Muzan, enabling him to prevent the Demon King’s accelerated regeneration.

It’s a challenging question all around as the reason why Tanjiro’s blade turned crimson was never explicitly stated in the manga. I do, however, have a well-known theory and a competing explanation for the phenomenon.

The fact that swords turn red when they are exposed to great heat is a very common and scientifically documented phenomena, and it could be one of the causes of the sword’s color change.

Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer Mark may also have contributed to Tanjiro’s sword’s transformation into crimson. These marks are thought to provide the users the ability to color their blades crimson and give them the same abilities to prevent the demon’s regeneration.

Why did the sword of Muichiro turn red?

mystical regeneration Demons’ regeneration and healing abilities are hindered or perhaps completely destroyed by brilliant red swords, which is intended to simulate the sun’s effect on them. This affected Muzan Kibutsuji, the Demon King, to the extent where it took several seconds to repair a severed arm, although normally it would have done so in less than a split second. When Muichiro Tokito stabbed Kokushibo, the Upper Rank said it felt like his “insides are on fire.” Muichiro’s bright red sword inflicted extremely severe damage to the Upper Rank and even caused his flesh to fall away where he stabbed Kokushibo. [1] [2] The scorching effect of the vivid red blade appears to resemble how sunlight burns and scars demons’ bodies on a cellular level, leaving some damage that doesn’t fully heal even after decades of regeneration. [3]

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The significance of a crimson Nichirin blade

Flame is represented by the red Nichirin blade that Kyojuro Rengoku is holding. Flame Hashira is a fascinating and delightfully odd character. Kyojuro possesses a strong moral compass, and his fervor for exterminating demons is as fierce as a burning flame.

How does Wisteria utilise the ancient Nichirin?

The primary weapon used by Slayers to kill demons is called a Nichirin Blade (the Japanese name for “Sun Blade”). They are made of ores that take sun baths.

Before making your final choice, you receive your Old Nichirin. Upon making the final decision, you will receive your own Nichirn Blade (you can change the color and appearance by buying the said reroll that now is free lol).

To boost damage with each strike, Nichirins can be sharpened by the blacksmith at a high altitude in the highlands.

How can I obtain a fresh Nichirin?

By finishing Final Selection and eliminating the boss in Demon Slayer RPG 2, you can obtain the Nichirin katana. When the job is over, Kenjo will ask you to locate the NPC Vidgamenate.

In Minobu village, where you will meet Hotaru, you will receive your Nichirin sword.

The Nichirin blade is also available from Swordsmith Village, which is close to Minobu, for 100 yen.

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The demons are notoriously difficult to kill; you’ll encounter an Explosion demon, a Mutated demon, and an extremely powerful demon. The boss, Susamaru.

While defeating the boss is made simpler if you already have Breathing abilities, many gamers are finding it extremely difficult to solo Susamru without dying.

Did Tanjiro’s father have worldly vision?

Kamado Tanjuro Tanjuro claimed that the father had taught him how to use perception training to enter the Transparent World. He was able to use this ability to effectively combat a large bear, dispatching it twice in the space of a single blink before it could even launch an attack.


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