How To Install Rockwool Insulation - (2023)

Advantages Of Rockwool Insulation

How To Install Mineral Wool Insulation

  • Rockwool material has great water retention capacity, which is advantageous against power/equipment failures.
  • Rockwool material can hold 1825% air, providing the root system adequate oxygen and enough for the media to get completely submerged.
  • Rockwool is available in multiple shapes and sizes for different hydroponic applications.
  • Rockwool is a durable insulation material, which does not break down or fall apart easily.
  • Rockwool insulation price depends on the size of the building, the thickness of the walls, and the quantity required. In the UK, you can contact Galaxy Insulation and Dry Lining a leading company providing complete insulation solutions to residential and commercial clients since 2009. The company offers a complete range of Rockwool products with expert guidance and installation solutions. For more information, get in touch today!

    Measure The Space Between Studs

    To install insulation, your ceiling should still be open to the studs or joists. This means that the lines of wood framing the roof or ceiling that may later be covered with drywall or plaster are still visible.

    Mineral wool insulation is usually made in pieces called batts that will squeeze into place between these wooden lines. Measure the space between to get an idea of what size batts to get. The fit needs to be tight enough that the batts will stay in place.

    Cutting Batts To Size

    We discovered that the batts can come apart if they’re tossed around. They’re not fragile but it helps to keep this in mind when handling them. And although Roxul isn’t itchy like fiberglass, the manufacturer recommends wearing gloves, eye protection, and a dusk mask during installation.

    To cut the batts, a long-bladed knife, rather than a utility knife, is recommended because they are dense. And because Roxul is spun rock, the cutting knife needs frequent sharpening. A serrated bread knife works well, but what worked beautifully for me was a $15 electric carving knife. This knife also allowed me to shave off narrow strips easily. This was helpful for a narrow bay or when my first cuts proved to be too long

    I created a cutting table by stretching a couple of plywood rips over sawhorses and simply ran the electric knife down the middle. For narrow pieces, I hung one edge of the batt beyond the plywood, and carved off what I needed.

    When I cut pieces to length, I cut them ¼- to ½-inch longer than my measurement to ensure a tight fit. I laid out my measurements and with a 4-foot level connected my references, creating a straight line to cut along. Surprisingly, I was able to draw a legible line on the ComfortBatts with a black permanent marker.

    With many narrow bays and cuts around windows, there could have been a lot of waste, but because Roxul is self-supporting, I was able to recycle the drops, butting and stacking them to fill cavities.

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    It Wont Rot And It Wont Support Mold

    As owners who have watched the construction progress, we have been impressed by the versatility of Comfortboard IS. Its green points are important to us. The products affordability adds to its appeal, since it costs about the same as XPS foam.

    Im a fan of mineral wool because it doesnt settle, doesnt rot even if continually wetted, is fireproof, and wont support mold or bugs, summed up Albert Rooks. Its like a little piece if the Canadian Rockies covering your house, and nearly as durable.

    Not that we need convincing: with this rare snowfall, we can see some of the benefits first hand. And we look forward to enjoying the other benefits down the road.

    Shannon Cowan and Patrick Walshe are building an energy efficient, multi-family house in Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. They chronicle this and other adventures in sustainable family living at their blog, A Green Hearth.

    What Is Rockwool Insulation & How To Install It: Diy Guide

    How To Install Rockwool Insulation - (1)

    Insulation is a kind of process designed to increase energy efficiency by reducing the heat and acoustic properties inside a house.

    But when it comes to insulation material there are so many. Rockwool insulation is also one of them. But is it a good choice for you or not?

    According to the report of the U.S. Energy Information Administration, most U.S. homeowners are using more than 43 percent of total energy for cooling and heating purpose.

    Huge Number!.

    But this is increasing by the day. Thats why this requires to have better insulation inside the house.

    So that people can save some energy and their electricity bill as well. But do you know what is Rockwool insulation and how you can install it on your interior walls?

    Thats why you need to read this complete article. Because in this article I have explained everything about it.

    Also, included some reasons why you should use it and the difference between Rockwool and fiberglass insulation.

    Thats why this is going to be very interesting and informative. So dont skip any point otherwise you will lose your chance to insulate your house properly.

    Rockwool insulation is also called mineral fiber wool insulation, comes in a batts design.

    That is similar to fiberglass insulation but the materials and manufacturing criteria are different.

    Because instead of using fiberglass for composing, rock wool insulation is made of Basalt rock and recycled Slag.

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    How To Install Mineral Wool Between Studs

    Mineral wool rolls

    In order to insulate our ceiling, we have used both fiberglass rolls and pre-cut batts. The mineral wool rolls we bought, were about 50 feet, but the rolls can have up to 100 feet. In addition, they might be faced or unfaced.

    In order to fill the space between the wood studs, you have to cut the rolls to the needed length, by using a sharp utility knife and a straight edge.

    Mineral wool batts

    We also used mineral 4 thick wool batts to insulate the ceiling. The batts come in different lengths and widths, therefore you should buy the product which requires the least amount of cuts.

    Batt insulation is available with and without facing. We recommend you to buy faced fatts, as they will be easier to install and because the paper layer has the role of an anti-vapor barrier. If you buy batts without facing, youll have to attach a plastic foil.

    How to install mineral wool between studs

    Before installing the mineral wool insulation, you have to measure the thickness of the wood studs and the distance between them. In our case the space between the wood studs is about 24 on center, just enough to fit 23 wide mineral wool bats. Nevertheless, you should use 15 wide insulation when the studs are 16 spaced.

    How To Install Rockwool Insulation In The Ceiling

    There are many ways to install Rockwool ceiling insulation. Slabs and suspended acoustic ceiling insulation can be slotted between the rafters of the suspended ceiling. They can be put on the top of the ceiling, or better, you can use glue or fix the slabs mechanically against the bottom of the load-bearing construction for the desired performance.

    How to do it?

  • Measure the area: How much insulation is needed?
  • Insulate from above: Access can be much easier if you insulate your floor from above, wherever possible.
  • In most cases, contractors consider Rockwool insulation soundproof for ceilings.
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    All You Need To Know About Rockwool Insulation

    Insulation is a process that requires careful material selection and installation to ensure it serves its purpose.

    Be it residential or commercial space, insulation helps to enhance energy efficiency by preventing heat escape from the premises. Here, cautious selection of the insulation material is the key.

    Although many insulation materials are available in the market, Rockwool is considered one of the most popular and effective insulation manufacturers in the World.

    Air Sealing An Existing Home

    How to Insulate Walls with Rockwool — by Home Repair Tutor

    Minimizing air infiltration is dependent on the air barrier system and not the insulation type. Like any system, it is composed of multiple parts, but these parts can basically be categorized as air barriers and air gap sealants. An air barrier is anything that blocks air from movingwhich includes exterior sheathing and interior gypsum board sealed at the edges. For an air barrier system to be effective, air gaps, including all gaps, seams, and penetrations where air could get in need to be sealed properly.

    See More

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    Adjusting The Furring Strips To Be Sure Theyre Plumb And Co

    When adding the 1×4 strapping over the Comfortboard, Dubenski and crew placed one screw at the top and and once screw at the bottom of each furring strip, and then checked it with a long level to be sure it was plumb before adding the remaining screws. Once we got the hang of it, we didnt need to fiddle around much backing screws out, Dubenski said. We also took care when installing the fiber-cement siding to make a few adjustments.

    Now that the installation of the Comfortboard is almost complete , Dubenski has a better understanding of the product. He cites a few challenges that arose when mounting boxes for penetrations through the wall. We installed solid wood backing in places as needed, such as around doors where we wanted to install security screws, he says. Now that weve worked with it, I can only see it as being easier and easier because we have worked out methods for using it.

    Dubenski sees many benefits to mineral wool. We liked it more than foam. It was easier to cut with a large utility knife or bread knife. We also took pieces and submerged them in the pond as a test, because we were so worried about the wall being soggy. The water beaded off. As it turns out, the Roxul will actually help keep the wall dry.

    What Is Rockwool Insulation

    Rockwool is a material that is known as mineral wool. The material is made from rocks, not wool

    Real rocks are heated to around 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit to the point of liquefaction. When melted, the rocks look like magma and are pressurized before being spun to create long strands.

    So it looks like cotton or fiberglass insulation but its made of rocks. The rocks are spread thin throughout the insulations. It doesnt mean they are no longer rock hard, making for durable insulation.

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    Difference Between Rockwool And Fiberglass Insulation

    Rock wool and fiberglass both are different insulation materials. That maintains thermal and acoustic efficiency in a house.

    But which one you should use to check out the difference?

    • Eco Friendly: According to the U.S. Department Of Energy, rock wool insulation contains more than 75 percent of recycled materials. On the other hand, fiberglass only has 30 percent. It means rock wool insulation is more eco-friendly than fiberglass.
    • Rockwool insulation made from liquid rocks which is a proven material against noise and thermal disturbance. But fiberglass is made from glass strands which will be formed into blankets and rolls. However, both look the same but rock wool insulation is a much harder and reliable solution.
    • R-Value: Fiberglass insulations provide an r-value of about 2.2 to 2.7 per inch. On the other hand, rock wool insulation provides more than 3.0 per inch. That means when it comes to providing thermal resistant rock wool insulation is a better option.
    • Fire Resistant: Fiberglass insulation can withstand up to 1100 degrees Fahrenheit. But rock wool insulation can withstand 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. So your house becomes safer after installing rock wool insulation.

    Wrap Up On What Is Rockwool Insulation

    How To Install Rockwool Insulation - (2)

    Living in a cold city or country is really a difficult thing. Because you need to face many problems and major is the heating problem.

    That is annoying because getting too cold may cause you illness.

    Thats why for reducing this problem you need to install insulation on the wall. However, you can also install it on the roof.

    But if you have another floor above your room. Then you dont need it because the room will handle this problem.

    But the main wall cant do that. Thats why you should install insulation on it. However, you can other insulations also.

    But non of them will give that much thermal efficiency. Because rock wool insulation contains rocks as usual.

    That is the best solution against thermal leakage. Also, rock wool insulation saves you from high and low-frequency sound waves that may harm you.

    Especially, high traffic sound waves that impact higher than any other noise source.

    Thats why if you are living near any traffic area. Then you should install rock wool insulation for making your and your family safe.

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    Tips And Tricks For Easy Installation

    • As with any project, plan ahead. Measure up areas to insulate and cut insulation accordingly. And make sure you are wearing the appropriate installation outfit, with the right goggles and gloves.
    • ROCKWOOL insulation materials are easy to cut with a knife so they lend themselves to simple preparation. And because its so easy to fill all holes with ROCKWOOL products, theres less chance of leaving inefficient gaps in the insulation.
    • If installing ROCKWOOL products on existing insulation, ensure it is not squashed or slumped. It should keep its thickness as ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation does not distort or degrade if installed properly according to spec. So it should for last the lifetime of the building.
    • For how much insulation to order, check on the ROCKWOOL website or call our team to ensure you have the right quantity for your job.
    • ROCKWOOL insulation can easily be cut with a long bladed knife or insulation saw available from DIY outlets. And can be stored outside without being affected by weather conditions.

    Visualize a home with our products

    What About Window Flashing

    Because Comfortboard is made from fuzzy mineral wool, its difficult to attach tape or peel-and-stick to its surface. For this reason, our builder and architect advised us to install picture-frame strips of 2-inch-thick XPS foam around each window just enough to nail the window flanges to, and to provide a surface for sealing the rough openings with peel and stick membrane.

    Well provide further details on our approach to window flashing in an upcoming blog.

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    Do You Need A Vapor Barrier With Rockwool Insulation

    A vapor barrier is a plastic sheet that helps insulation or wall to get moisture. However, this is required to install a vapor barrier with insulation.

    This will increase the efficiency and resist moisture to get in. But rock wool insulation as you know made from liquid rocks.

    That is itself moisture resistant. Thats why using another layer is a waste of money and time your time also.

    You can install rock wool insulation directly to the wall. It will never get moisture but if you want better safety then it all depends on you.

    The Power Plant Of The Future

    How to install continuous exterior insulation

    As the landscape around our building site disappears under a rare blanket of snow, the sheathing on our houses has been disappearing under a thick layer of exterior mineral-wool insulation. Known as Comfortboard IS, this insulation has impressed us with its green virtues, versatility, and price.

    Made in Canada by Roxul, Comfortboard is one product in a line of stone wool products that combine the power of rock with the characteristics of insulation wool. Originally inspired by the way wind spins molten lava into fibrous material during a volcanic eruption, stone wool is fire-, mold- and insect-resistant. Its also water-repellent. This latter feature is attractive in the Pacific Northwest, where building tends to happen year round despite the weather.

    Comfortboard also has excellent thermal properties. The 2 inches of Roxul we installed will add R-8.4 to our walls. .

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    Insulate The Interior Walls

    Code requires we insulate the exterior walls so I prioritized that before moving onto the interior. The exterior R-15 insulation looks exactly the same as the interior soundproofing insulation, so I wanted to be sure I didnt mix the two of them up.

    The interior soundproofing insulation works just the same as the exterior. I wont repeat myself!

    Do you see how I went from long pieces of insulation to those tiny slivers at the top? It really is like Tetris!

    The interior insulation gets tricker when installing the bats in between studs that dont have a wall behind them. If its cut too small, it will feel like its just balancing and might fall out. So far, none of mine have had that issue, but I also, admittedly, havent finished the trickiest walls.

    The interior wall between the kitchen and bathroom is full of plumbing and electrical, so getting the pieces in there without a back support isnt easy. Most people recommend installing the drywall on one wall first, so you can press the bat into it. However, I dont know the schedule the drywall guys will work at and I dont want to slow them down by trying to finish insulating while theyre trying to cover everything up. I might need to leave a few pieces to wedge in while theyre putting the drywall up on one side. Well see!

    How To Install Rockwool Insulation

    The installation of Rockwool insulation is quite easy. Although it is not toxic and not as itchy as fibreglass insulation, it makes dust, so there’s a need for a dust mask and long gloves to avoid inhaling dust and mild itching.

    The Rockwool insulation installers are well aware of the installation process, so its always good to hire professional installers for the insulation job.

    For do-it-yourself enthusiasts, it is advisable to refer to the Rockwool installation guide for best results.

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    Careful Cutting And Fitting Plus Smart Flashing Details Make The Job Of Wrapping The Walls And Roof Of The 2018 Fhb House In Mineral Wool Go According To Plan

    On top of the air barrier and WRB we have a thick wool coat. Continuous insulation provides comfort which is why Rockwool calls it ComfortBoard. On the walls we used the ComfortBoard 110formulationwhich is a bit more dense than the ComfortBoard 80. We installed two layers of 2-in.-thick, 24-in. x 48-in. sheets with the joints offset. They are milled to high tolerance and easily fit tight. We used appropriate length washer head nails to place it. All it takes is 2 or 3 fasteners per sheet as the siding will ultimately strap the insulation to the building. The ComfortBoard cuts nicely with handsaws.

    The roof has one layer of 5-in. Toprock DD which we got in 48-in. x 48-in. sheets. The TopRock is confined to the thermal boundary and was placed flush with the patio and breezeway roofs that are thermally broken and elevated with Maine Deck Brackets. On top of the exterior insulation is a redundant WRB under the siding and roofing. The impressive thing to me is that the Rockwool plane came out so true that our siding and roofing was not fussy to install true. There is no ply over the Rockwool eitherwe fastened right onto it into the framing.


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