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" I thought...I..owe you a child only..", Katherine whimpered in pain, several shreds of glasses making their way deeper into her skin." Yes but now... you owe me your body too, Principessa.", Ace replied with a sly grin, the dark layer of smoke hiding the demons behind his hazel eyes.*********Twenty years old, Katherine Harper had everything in her life, a perfect grade,sweet boyfriend and an unfulfilled dream of becoming the next top international fashion designer. Returning to her homeland after years spent abroad, Katherine was all ready to settle down with her long time boyfriend, Nathaniel Cooper. But on the day of her engagement ceremony,she never expected to meet her ex-boyfriend, Ace King who had now become the next billionaire in town. Ruthless, Cold, arrogant, Ace wasn't the same like her childhood lover from the past.When she accepted the bitter destiny that they let go of their past, Ace started to influence her emotions mentally and sometimes physically. Secrets were yet to reveal, hatred was yet to turn in love and Katherine had yet to fall in his Devil's Trap. At the end, Katherine had yet to learn that you can never hate a person whom you loved once.

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  • The Devil's TrapChapter 8|| ACE KING's POV ||" Thank you for keeping my words, Mr.Mayor. I will definitely keep my promise as well."I thanked the man who had been a great help during the trial of Mr.Harper's case. Mayor Hendrix was a man of fifty. He was a wise man. When I had given him the offer of controlling the North state, he agreed quickly. In exchange, he helped me, digging out all the buried crimes of Mr.Harper.Mayor Hendrix chuckled, raising the glass to clang happily," Mention not! But I don't understand. Why are you suddenly interested in bringing hell to Mr.Herpar? His power has ended long back in this city. "I stayed silent without telling anyone. His power might have ended but the scars that he left on everyone's life were never gone. Now, it was his time to pay for every crime that he did. For the things that he had done to me would be his worst nightmare because I was going to make him pay and his dearest daughter in the worst way possible.I replied, taking a sip from my drink," Some de
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 7Startled, I choked on my own saliva. Daniel started patting me on the back. I brushed his hand away furiously. How could he say something like that so casually? Not only that, but it was insulting to the friendship I had with Max. We had always been friends and the only time we talked about personal matters was when we were fighting.Stepping back, I glared up at him. “No. He is my friend. Don’t insult him like that again.” Daniel chuckled darkly and said, “Men know what other men look like when their in love, sweetheart. And that man,” he pointed at Max, “Definitely, is in love with you.” I gaped at him. All I could think about doing was ramming my fist into that smug face of his. My relationship with Max was none of his business. What made him think he could say shit like this? Rolling my eyes, I whipped my head back towards the match. I didn’t need to defend or explain myself to a complete stranger. As I went back to watching the match, I realized something was wrong. Max’s comp
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 6 _____ His Forgiveness?|| KATHERINE HARPER's POV || " I..I don't understand.. how every small crime of his..are coming back..even crossing a red signal on the traffic? Seriously?" I murmured in bewilderment, flipping through the pages of my father's past crime that had been reopened by someone one after another. The pages felt too heavy in my hands. I knew that my father wasn't a good man. But nobody held grudges against him. His arch nemesis had all died in cross fire already. Those dark empires were a fairy tale now. Uncle John released a sigh, showing me the paper one after another, " I can't help anymore if the cases continue opening. Your father's timing has already extended. I am afraid that if it continues, he can probably never get out of the jail." I slammed my fist on the table, growling softly, " This.. can't happen..He must come out or else I will lose whatever is left in my life." Uncle John asked another question, looking at me pitifully, " Kat! Remember! Did you offend someone? You kn
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 5 _____ The Truths || KATHERINE HARPER's POV ||What the hell was happening here?I felt utterly clueless until the visual displays of bodies began to play in front of my vision. It was none other than my so-called groom in that video. There, he was fucking a brunette over a bed, letting out shameful moans. An ounce of regret never appeared on his face.Rowan shouted even before me, sounding panicked," Who the fuck.. dare to do this... Stop it..Stop.."" Honey, listen to me..", he nudged on my forearms, using the same sweet tone to delude me. The whole world felt non-existent in front of me. I felt the deepest stab, going deeper into my heart until I stopped breathing. I asked him back, stammering," You...why did you do me?"I had spent most of my lives alone even growing up without a mother practically. Rowan always had options to leave me but I couldn't understand why he chose the cruelest way to betray me on our wedding day.Guilt morphed on his face. He took a small gulp before telling me
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 4 _____ The Wedding || KATHERINE HARPER's POV ||Ace snatched the chance from me, his lips curling up into a devilish smile," Seems like I have to introduce myself again. I am Ace King, your girlfriend's ex and the man who took her virginity, kissed her a while ago in the party."Too stunned, I shot Ace a knife like glare. I never knew that he was so desperate to tear me apart. Rowan's face sank as he clenched his fists on his side. To my surprise, he shifted his attention to me, not willing to discuss in front of Ace," Katherine! We should go back to our home first. I can hear you there."Tears of emotions rolled down from my eyes. I knew that Rowan was the right man for me. He had accompanied me for years and knew the best of me. I nodded hurriedly and went over to him before giving Ace a final glare," Let's go back first, Rowan!"We both walked in a different direction but I could feel his piercing gaze on our back always like the devil who never leaves shadow.______" So that's how it is! Why did
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 3 _______ The Devil|| ACE KING's POV ||" His sentence has been extended to one year,Sir. Would you like to put more charges on him?", Max reported in his robotic voice, so emotionless like mine.I shook my head off with a dark chuckle, pouring the ice cube into my whiskey," No, Max! One year is enough for me to destroy his baby girl."Because the king is back!Ten years ago, the boy who had been beaten, crumpled by the man behind the bars was back again. This time, no one was going to use him again. No one was going to trap him in fake love again because I will take back everything that belongs to me including her.It took ten years for me to hate her fully. Now, all I wanted to see was her crying and begging at my mercy just like the way I did ten years ago. But she left me broken, abandoned on the street just because I didn't have the money like her father. Time had changed and now I had everything which once belonged to her.Max nodded, taking his leave. I moved away from the long window, naked fro
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 2 _____ Kissed My Ex|| KATHERINE HARPER's POV ||There would be time in life when you will feel dead inside. That's what I felt after the unexpected kiss. Thankfully, it was all dark and nobody got the chance to see that I kissed my ex instead of my boyfriend.I couldn't believe my own eyes even though he was sitting in front of me for ten minutes.ACE KING! THE NEW NAME OF THE TOWN!Ezra once again exaggerated, passing him another glass of wine," Ace bro! I never thought that you would come. You have become a big shot now. I thought, you would never give a fuck about this reunion."He smirked,the same devilish smile, carrying on his face," Neither did I! It's good to see you guys again."I stayed on the couch numbly. It felt like all the years of memories had been crushing in front of my eyes in a second. It had been ten years since I last saw him. Except for his deep enchanting voice, nothing had changed in his features. His pitch dark suit highlighted the light whiter shade of his skin and those dee
  • The Devil's TrapChapter 1 ____ The Proem|| KATHERINE HARPER's POV ||" Welcome Back To New York, Kat! You look ravishing as usual!", Ezra welcomed me warmly at our very first reunion party. She was cheerful as usual and never changed, always giving out her big smile.I smiled back nervously, eyes swiping over the number of familiar faces that I had seen in the past. They were all grown up like me. I was no longer the seventeen year old girl who would cry at a corner just because someone called my hair ugly. Reaching at the age of twenty seven, I had crossed all the immature levels of my life.This reunion party came out as a surprise for me. Right after I landed in New York yesterday, my old friends contacted me to tell me that they were throwing a big reunion party. I was invited as well. Despite the uneasiness, I wanted to come just to see how they changed over the years.Riverview was one of the most promising schools of that time. We came in first from every sector and held the reputation until today. Ezra was the main

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