Traduction through en Français | Dictionnaire Anglais-Français (2023)



(=to the other side of sth) à travers
→ They could hear music through the walls of the house.
through the window par la fenêtre
through the mist à travers la brume
through the crowd à travers la foule
to go through Birmingham passer par Birmingham
to go through a tunnel traverser un tunnel
to pour through sth [water, rain] s'écouler par qch
The rain poured through a hole in the roof. La pluie s'écoulait par un trou dans le toit.
to go through a door passer une porte

(=throughout) (time) pendant, durant
through the year toute l'année
→ Trips for older people continue through the year.
all through pendant tout (e) le (la)
She kept quiet all through breakfast. Elle est resté silencieuse pendant tout le petit déjeuner.

(=by means of) par
→ They were opposed to change through violence.
I know her through my sister. Je la connais par ma sœur.

(=owing to) à cause de
→ The discovery of adrenalin came about through a mistake.
→ Geoff had to retire early through ill health.


[ticket, train, passage] direct (e)
a through train un train direct
→ The only through train to Landor is at 9 o'clock.
→ Britain's longest through train journey, 685 miles
"no through traffic" (US) "passage interdit"
"no through way" (British) "impasse"

to be through finir
What time will you be through? À quelle heure tu finis?
to be through with sth (=finished using) en avoir terminé avec qch
→ I'm through with this pen if you want it.
(=had enough of) en avoir assez de qch
→ I'm through with women.


(=to the other side) à travers
The window was dirty and I couldn't see through. La fenêtre était sale et je ne voyais pas à travers.
to let sb through laisser passer qn

straight through, We decided to drive straight through to Birmingham. Nous avons décidé d'aller directement à Birmingham.

(=without a break) sans s'arrêter
He worked straight through until morning. Il a travaillé sans s'arrêter jusqu'au matin.
I'll be there right through to the summer. Je serai là en permanence jusqu'à l'été.
Monday through Friday (US) du lundi au vendredi
→ We're open Monday through Sunday

(on telephone) to be through to sb/sth être en communication avec qn/qch
→ You're through to the accounts department.
to put sb through to sb passer qn à qn, mettre qn en communication avec qn

through and through (=completely) jusqu'à la moelle
→ He's bad through and through.
My feet were wet and I felt frozen through and through. Mes pieds étaient mouillés et je me sentais gelé jusqu'à la moelle.

break through


The sun broke through. Le soleil a fait son apparition.

(=achieve success) percer
→ The British band most likely to break through in 2002 is the Coral

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vt fus

[+defences, lines] franchir
→ About 50,000 students defy warnings and break through police lines in Tiananmen Square.
→ Some of the crowd attempted to break through police cordons.
→ In the second half they broke through our defences.
→ The attacking army managed to break through their defences.

[+barrier] franchir
→ it was still very tough to break through the barrier of prejudice

browse through

[+book, paper] feuilleter, parcourir
→ sitting on the sofa browsing through the paper

[+site] surfer sur, naviguer sur
→ Browsing through the online boutique

come through

(=survive) s'en sortir

[telephone call]
The call came through. L'appel est bien parvenu.

drive-through , drive-thru

n (=restaurant) drive-in m inv

[restaurant, drugstore]
drive-in inv
→ ... a drive-through burger bar.

fall through
[plan, project]
tomber à l'eau
[deal, sale]
→ My house sale is just on the verge of falling through
→ A major business deal fell through, leaving him penniless
Our plans have fallen through. Nos projets sont tombés à l'eau.

feed through
vi (=make its effect felt)
[factor, phenomenon]
se faire ressentir
→ there are signs of a slowing down, but that hasn't really fed through yet
→ enhancements offered by new technology have not fed through to produce the increased profit
to feed through to sb/sth (=impact on) se répercuter sur qn/qch
→ the gains from productivity have fed through to the consumers

filter through
vi (=arrive)
[news, details]
→ news of their difficulties began to filter through.
to filter through to sb (=reach) filtrer jusqu'à qn
→ It took months before the findings began to filter through to the politicians ...

flick through
vt fus

[+book, magazine] feuilleter
→ She was flicking through some magazines on a table ...

[+channels] zapper

flip through
vt fus
[+book, magazine]
→ He was flipping through a magazine in the living room ...
→ He flipped through the pages of his notebook

follow through

[+action, plan]
mener à terme
→ The leadership has been unwilling to follow through the implications of these ideas ...

n (=further development) suite f
follow-through to sth suite à qch
→ ... the task of finding a durable solution to the refugee problem as a follow-through to the very temporary measures.

(=movement) accompagnement m (d'un coup)
→ Focus on making a short, firm follow-through.

get through


avoir la communication

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to get through to sb atteindre qn

vt fus

[+work, book]
finir, terminer

go through
vt fus

[+town, area] traverser
We went through Paris to get to Rennes. Nous avons traversé Paris pour aller à Rennes.

(=search through) fouiller

[+list, book]
parcourir, éplucher
→ I'm going to go quickly through the list

[+formalities] remplir

go through with
vt fus
[+plan, threat]
mettre à exécution

guide through
vt sep
to guide sb through sth [+process, complexities] guider qn dans qch
→ You need an expert to guide you through the process.
→ You need someone to guide you through the complex process of buying a house.
→ A free helpline has been set up in Glasgow to guide businessmen through the maze of government and EC grants.

knock through
abattre les cloisons de
The four tiny bedrooms were knocked through. On abattit les cloisons des quatre petites chambres.
→ The four tiny bedrooms were knocked through to make two larger ones

leaf through
vt fus
→ Most patients derive enjoyment from leafing through old picture albums.

look through
vt fus

[+papers, book]
→ I always looked through my work carefully before I handed it in.
(briefly) parcourir
→ Peter starts looking through the mail as soon as the door shuts.

[+telescope] regarder à travers

muddle through
vi se débrouiller
→ The BBC may be able to muddle through for the next five years like this ...
→ The children are left to muddle through on their own.

pass through

vt fus
[+place, town]
→ he and his unit of 50 men passed through the town of Avallon
[+door, doorway] franchir
→ 90,000 customers passed through its doors yesterday
He passed through the doorway into Ward B. Il a franchi la porte de la salle B.

vt sep
to pass sth through sth [+needle] enfoncer qch dans qch
She passed the needle through the fabric. Elle a enfoncé l'aiguille dans le tissu.
[+thread, cord] faire passer qch dans qch
Pass the thread through the needle. Faites passer le fil dans le trou de l'aiguille., Passez le fil dans le trou de l'aiguille.
to pass sth through a ring faire passer qch dans un anneau, passer qch dans un anneau

percolate through
vt fus

[truth, information] s'infiltrer dans
→ these truths begin to percolate through our consciousness

[water] s'infiltrer à travers
→ the potential for surface water to percolate through landfills

permeate through
vt fus

[+soil, rock] s'infiltrer dans
→ Dangerous chemicals may permeate through the soil.

[+system, consciousness] infiltrer
It takes a long time for such ideas to permeate through people's consciousness. De telles idées mettent longtemps à infiltrer les consciences.

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plough through
vt fus

[+snow, mud] avancer péniblement dans

[+book, mail] éplucher
→ ploughing through reference books.
→ The organizers of the survey have ploughed through over fifteen thousand replies.
→ Researchers have ploughed through 16,000 different pieces of classical, rock and jazz music.
→ I've got piles of unanswered mail to plough through.

pull through

(from illness) s'en sortir
They think he'll pull through. Ils pensent qu'il va s'en sortir.

(from difficulties) s'en sortir
→ There are signs, though, that he has the talent to pull through.

push through

vt sep
to push one's way through se frayer un chemin, se frayer un passage
I pushed my way through. Je me suis frayé un passage.
to push one's way through the crowd se frayer un chemin dans la foule, se frayer un passage dans la foule
→ She pushed her way through the crowd.


(=cause to be accepted)
[+measure, legislation]
faire voter
→ The vote will enable the Prime Minister to push through tough policies.
→ The government pushed through legislation to force banks to confront their bad loans.

[person] (through a crowd) se frayer un chemin, se frayer un passage

put through
vt sep

(on phone)
→ He put the call through to Finance.
Put me through to Miss Blair. Passez-moi Miss Blair.
Can you put me through to the manager? Est-ce que vous pouvez me passer le directeur?
→ Could you put me through to Accounts, please?
I'm putting you through je vous passe la communication
→ "Data Room, please." -- "I'll put you through."

to put sb through sth [+ordeal] infliger qch à qn
→ She wouldn't want to put them through the ordeal of a huge ceremony.
The children had put him through a lot of worry when they were teenagers. Les enfants lui avaient causé beaucoup de soucis lorsqu'ils étaient adolescents.
to put sb through hell en faire voir à qn
Those two husbands put me through hell. Ces deux maris m'en ont fait voir.

rake through
vt fus

[+debris, rubbish]
fouiller dans
He raked through her last diary for clues. Il éplucha son dernier agenda pour trouver des indices.

read through
vt fus

(quickly) parcourir

(thoroughly) lire jusqu'au bout
→ Read through the passage once before looking at the questions.

riffle through
vt fus
[+pages, papers]
→ I riffled through the pages until I reached the index.

rifle through
vt fus
[+drawer, handbag, clothes, pile]
fouiller dans
→ The thief rifled through her handbag

root through
vt fus (=search) fouiller dans
→ ... retrieve files much more easily than rooting through a pile of notebooks.

run through
vt fus
→ I ran through the instructions with him
→ Let's run through your lines for the play.

n (before test) essai m

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rush through

vt fus
exécuter à la hâte

vt sep
exécuter d'urgence
[+application, claim]
envoyer d'urgence

sail through

vi (=succeed easily) réussir haut la main

vt fus
She sailed through her exams. Elle a réussi ses examens haut la main.

scrape through

vi (in exam) être reçu (e) de justesse, (in elections, competition) l'emporter de justesse

vt fus
réussir de justesse
to scrape through the qualifying round se qualifier de justesse

scroll through (COMPUTING)

vt fus faire défiler
→ scroll through the list for the relevant topic

vi faire défiler le texte
→ Quickly she scrolled through.

search through
vt fus fouiller
→ He searched through a drawer and eventually found the photo ...

see through

vt fus

(=not be taken in by)
[+scheme, excuses, deception, lie]
voir clair dans
→ The jailers saw through my scheme.
I can see through your little game. Je vois clair dans ton petit jeu.
We could see right through him. Nous lisions en lui comme dans un livre ouvert.

vt sep

[+project, job, task]
mener à bien
I'm determined to see it through. Je suis déterminé à aller jusqu'au bout.

permettre de tenir
His resilience saw him through. Son endurance lui a permis de tenir.
to see sb through sth (=help) soutenir qn dans qch
He saw me through all the hard times. Il m'a soutenu dans tous les moments difficiles.
→ He was a great friend of mine and saw me through all the hard times.

adj transparent (e)

sift through
vt fus
[+evidence, data]
passer au crible

skim through
vt fus (=read quickly) parcourir
→ I thought I would skim through a few of the letters.

sort through
vt fus (=search through) faire le tri dans
He sorted through the papers. Il a fait le tri dans les papiers.
→ it would have been impossible for users to sort through the trivial stuff to find the important material

talk through

(=discuss) discuter sérieusement
We have talked through this tricky problem. Nous avons discuté sérieusement de cet épineux problème.
to talk sth through with sb discuter sérieusement de qch avec qn
→ Then he sat down and talked it through with his wife.

to talk sb through sth expliquer qch à qn
→ Now she must talk her sister through the process a step at a time
→ "He talked me through the implications,

think through
vt sep bien réfléchir à
→ I haven't really thought the whole business through in my own mind.
→ I didn't think through the consequences of promotion.
→ For some odd reason I wasn't thinking through the implications at the time
→ as long as you properly think through what you want to do and why you are doing it ...

thumb through
vt (book) feuilleter
→ He had the drawer open and was thumbing through the files.

trawl through
[+records, files]
→ A team of officers is trawling through the records of thousands of petty thieves.

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wade through
vt fus
[+information, text]
→ Managers have no time to wade through the reports.
→ Scientists have to wade through tons of data.


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